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Why Wait?

Last week I had the opportunity to join nine of our teenagers and our Associate Pastor Darren Dickson as they made their way to Boise Idaho for Boise Bible College’s annual Preview event. It’s an opportunity for young people to visit a college campus, meet students and professors and catch a glimpse of what God could do in their life in a college setting. It was a lot of fun. It was a combination of long nights, early mornings, excellent preaching, junk food (yikes!) and a great time of fellowship with Darren and the teens.

Before we said goodbye I had the opportunity to chat with one of the college students about her upcoming graduation and the plans laid out in front of her for the next few months. The college student made the comment that she had been waiting for so long for these opportunities to finally become a reality. As we talked, I began to think about the blessing of ‘waiting on God’.

We want things to happen right away, don’t we?

It’s built into our culture that waiting is a bad thing. Why wait for something when you can have it now? And if you can’t have it now, you need to figure out a way to make it happen, right? I just found out that there’s an app available that will order your favorite type of pizza just by opening the app. You don’t have to push any other buttons or talk to anyone. You just open the app and – presto! – your pizza is on its way.

Could ‘waiting’ actually be a good thing? I think so.

You ever play chess? I play chess. I don’t play as much as I would like to but I do enjoy playing chess. In fact, when I was seven or eight years old I won 5th place in a Chess Competition at Iron Christian Camp in Southern California. Fond memories, indeed. Do you know one lesson I learned in playing chess as a young boy?

I couldn’t move my important pieces too early. You see, every chess piece is not created equally. In fact, there is significant differences in the value of the difference pieces. Outside the King, the Queen is the most powerful and versatile piece on the board. If I moved my queen to early, for example, several things could happen:

  • I could be vulnerable
  • I could rush my position and sacrifice the whole game
  • I could lose other pieces that would affect my strategy for the game

The value in waiting is simple. Most of the time, the outcome would be far more beneficial than rushing my strategy.

I think of life as a chess board sometimes. And while we want to rush forward with our strategy, the wise thing to do is wait. While we wait, God is working on the other portions of the chessboard, opening up doors and paths that we could never see in the first place. The beautiful thing is that when we do move forward in His time, we see the blessing of waiting. After all, while we’re waiting, He is working.

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