Stained Glass Windows

On Saturday nights, usually pretty late, I like to take a walk through my church building. It’s quiet and very peaceful. It gives me a great opportunity to clear my head and think through the service on Sunday. I take the opportunity to pray for our church, the service the following day and for the dear people that make up First Christian Church.

I usually start my Saturday night walk at the church building in the choir loft. I pray for the members of the choir and the special music they provide. I pray for the musicians involved and I make my way to the front few rows of the sanctuary. I pray for our elders and deacons who will serve the communion and elements and then I walk through the rows of our church. I pray for those that would be seating in each of the seats and I ask God to do a work in the hearts. I stand in the sound booth and pray for the volunteers that will give their time to make sure our sound system and digital displays work properly. I walk onto the stage and I pray over the musical instruments and sound systems and then I kneel and pray over the area I normally stand and preach. I pray that God would empty myself and fill me with the Holy Spirit.

A few weeks ago I went through my prayer walk as I do every week and I spent a few moments afterwards sitting on the first row of our church sanctuary. As I sat there I had a perfect view of our two stained glass window displays. They are beautiful. In fact, when I’m telling someone where our church is it usually sounds like this…‘First Christian Church, right across the street from the courthouse. You know…the one with the stained glass windows.’

As I sat there a few weeks ago and looked at their beauty I was struck by the two elements that comprised their beauty:

The windows are stained. And they are broken.
And yet, they are used to create a beautiful display.

We are stained, aren’t we?
We are stained by our mistakes, our pasts, our guilt, our regrets, our sin.

And we are broken aren’t we?
We are broken by the weight of the pressures of our life, the responsibilities that we carry, the promises that we are unable to keep.

Our first inclination is to try to make something beautiful on our own. We try and take our stained, broken pieces and try to make something out them. We use our very best efforts and intentions and yet in the end, all we’re left with is…stained, broken pieces.

And in the deepest cavern of our heart, we know we are meant for something more.
We are meant for something that will outlast our own life.
We are meant for something beautiful.

God specializes in stained, broken pieces. He uses our lives and creates masterpieces with our stained brokenness.

He’s the Artist.

Give Him your stained brokenness. Give it to Him with a willing and trust heart.
And then we’ll see His beautiful work of art come to life.

“He has made everything beautiful in his time…” ~ Ecclesiastes 3:11a

Until next time…

Pastor Daniel

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