My 50 most Favorite Quotes from GUTS 2017

Last week I had the joy of attending and speaking the GUTS Men’s Conference at the Garden Valley Church in Roseburg, Oregon. It was the first time I had the pleasure of attending the conference and my heart truly was stirred and renewed. Pastor Craig Schlesinger and the people of Garden Valley were so gracious in hosting such an excellent conference. The picture above is that of myself alongside Pastor Craig Schlesinger (middle) and Pastor Matthew Schlesinger (right) of the Grace Church in Oceanside, California. Pastor Steve Backlund of Bethel in Redding, California was also present at the conference as the keynote speaker.

During the week, I had a front row seat to some amazing worship and excellent preaching and teaching by both Pastor Steve & Pastor Matthew. I took a lot of notes and as I read through my notes earlier this week, I compiled the 50 most impactful quotes for me and my walk with God. I took them down to the best of my ability and so if there is any discrepancy between what was actually said and what I wrote down, the error is on my part. There’s no way I can recreate the experience of being there this week but here are some quotes from an incredible week.

 They appear in the order in which I heard them during the conference…


1.    “God has not called us to be thermometers. He’s called us to be thermostats.” ~ Steve Backlund

2.    “Think, act and think higher than the environment you are in.” ~ Steve Backlund

3.    “There is no high like the Most High.” ~ Steve Backlund

4.    “Don’t get your beliefs from your past experiences.” ~ Steve Backlund 

5.    “Healthy people have long-term relationships with people.” ~ Steve Backlund

6.    “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” ~ Steve Backlund

7.    “I never did any area of my life God’s way and regretted it.” ~ Steve Backlund

8.    “Salvation is when you believe in Him. Transformation is when you believe like Him.” ~ Steve Backlund

9.    “We’re called ‘believers’. That should clue you in as to what we should be doing.” ~ Steve Backlund

10.                       “The nature of deception is that you don’t know you’re being deceived.” ~ Steve Backlund

11.                       “Increased hope is the evidence of believing in hope.” ~ Steve Backlund

12.                       “Whether you say you can or can’t, you’re right.” ~ Steve Backlund

13.                       “The hopelessness about a problem is a bigger problem than the problem.” ~ Steve Backlund

14.                       “What you believe about something or someone is what you will see.” ~ Steve Backlund

15.                       “You don’t get your identity based on what you’ve done, but on what you’ve been created for.” ~ Steve Backlund

16.                       “It takes a lot of work to keep your sin hidden.” ~ Matthew Schlesinger

17.                       “The only two options for your sin is to conceal it or to reveal it.” ~ Matthew Schlesinger

18.                       “King David chose to be in a place where he wasn’t anointed to function.” Matthew Schlesinger (referencing Psalms 32:3-4)

19.                       “Isolation is a red flag.” ~ Matthew Schlesinger

20.                       “Confession has two components. Confessing to God is for our forgiveness. Confessing to each other is for our healing.” ~ Matthew Schlesinger

21.                       “God has chosen to work through the fellowship of believers.” ~ Matthew Schlesinger

22.                       “Confession disarms the enemy.” ~ Matthew Schlesinger

23.                       “It’s not about us. It’s about Him.” ~ Matthew Schlesinger

24.                       “Every great thing has a small beginning.” ~ Steve Backlund

25.                       “There are no hopeless circumstances; only hopeless people.” ~ Steve Backlund

26.                       “If something is going to change, somewhere someone is hoping.” ~ Steve Backlund

27.                       “Our hope level determines our influence level.” ~ Steve Backlund

28.                       “The reason God likes to use people with issues is because that’s all He has to use.” ~ Steve Backlund

29.                       “The kingdom will not be furthered by good conduct but by good beliefs.” ~ Steve Backlund

30.                       “We all have challenges. Abraham was old. Jacob was a liar. Isaac was a daydreamer. Elijah was suicidal. Naomi was a widow. David was a murderer and adulterer. The disciples fell asleep. The Samaritan woman divorced five times. Zacchaeus was little. And Lazarus? He was dead! That’s the ultimate challenge!” ~ Steve Backlund 

31.                       “Think about babies. Babies don’t determine their future by their past. They determine their future by their parents.” ~ Steve Backlun

32.                       “Just because an apple tree doesn’t have apples doesn’t mean it ceases to be an apple tree. We still call it an apple tree.” ~ Steve Backlund

33.                       “Current mind renewal impacts future experiences.” ~ Steve Backlund

34.                       “Think on purpose.” ~ Steve Backlund

35.                       “You can’t consistently do what you don’t believe you are.” ~ Steve Backlund

36.                       “If you believe you’re a sinner you’ll sin by faith.” ~ Steve Backlund

37.                       “The greatest thing you need to do is to change what you believe.” ~ Steve Backlund

38.                       “We can’t trust any belief in our life that isn’t attached to hope.” ~ Steve Backlund

39.                       “The words we speak are the directing agents of our life.” ~ Steve Backlund

40.                       “Our words are containers of life.” ~ Steve Backlund

41.                       “There is always a solution.” ~ Steve Backlund

42.                       “Let’s laugh at that.” ~ Steve Backlund (trust me, you had to be there)

43.                       “This is our season. This is our time. This is our moment. That’s why we’re here.” ~ Steve Backlund

44.                       “You only get muscle when you push against resistance.” ~ Steve Backlund

45.                       “You cannot thrive if you have a victim mentality.” ~ Steve Backlund

46.                       “You are a victim of your own bad beliefs.” ~ Steve Backlund

47.                       “Most people’s ministries are born out of the most difficult parts of their life.” ~ Steve Backlund

48.                       “God’s going to use you more than you think He’s going to use you.” ~ Steve Backlund

49.                       “Your current struggle is not just for you it’s for the people you’re going to help by going through the struggle.” ~ Steve Backlund

50.                       “You have the power to change the environment.” ~ Craig Schlesinger


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Pastor Daniel

My 50 Most Favorite Quotes from GUTS 2017

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