Get Involved This Easter

Dear Church Family,

Easter is only a few weeks away (Sunday, April 16, 2017)! What an exciting time of year for our church family as we really get to welcome our community into our church during the Easter Season. There are several ways for you to be involved before and on the day of Easter!

There’s four ways for you to be involved before Easter Sunday:


  1. Attend our Community Palm Sunday Prayer Service on Sunday, April 9th @ 6pm. You will be glad you did! This is a great opportunity to invite friends and family that are believers that go to different churches. It’s really about sharing this night as a community of faith. We have twelve different churches/ministries that will be represented. It’s going to be very special and encouraging night of prayer and worship!!
  2. Sign up to pray during our Day of Prayer. We will be praying as a church family from 8AM – 8PM on Friday, April 14th. There are twenty minute slots available all throughout the day. The goal is to have someone from our church family to be praying through the day for our community and our service on Easter Sunday! We have a prayer guide that is designed to help us pray for Easter as a church family. To sign up, contact the church office and ask to be signed up for our Day of Prayer!
  3. LIKE & SHARE our Easter Advertising on Facebook. Starting Monday, April 3rd you should start seeing our Easter Advertising on Facebook. We did this last year and were really pleased with the response we received. When you like something on Facebook it will notify your friends that also like the same thing. When you share something on Facebook it will share what you like on your news feed so that all your friends see it as well. It’s a great way to spread our Easter invitation to hundreds and hundreds of people with very little effort.
  4. Use our Invite Cards. These are great ways to invite your friends, coworkers, and family! These are the people that you should hand these to. Most people are willing to go church for the first time on Easter if they are invited by someone they know. Be that person this Easter! There will be Invite Cards available at every service leading up to Easter as well as in our church office.

PLUS, here are eight ways to be participate ON Easter Sunday morning:


  1. Check in to church first thing on Easter Sunday morning on Facebook. If you do it first thing in the morning, your friends will see that and increase the likelihood that they’ll join you for church! Find our Facebook page for instructions on how to ‘check in’.
  2. Come have some breakfast with us. We’re going to have a FREE Pancake Breakfast for the whole community at 9:30 AM with all the fixings. Join us! The more of you that will be here for breakfast the more opportunities we will have to connect with our guests that will be joining us.
  3. Smile. Jesus Christ is risen! That’s a great reason to smile, isn’t it?
  4. Say ‘hi’ to people you don’t know. It’s amazing how a simple ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ can disarm someone and help them feel at ease when they are a guest at church.
  5. Fill out a Connect Card. Fill it out completely front and back. There are two reasons why: 1. it’s a great Sunday for us to update our records (so fill it out complete: name, address, phone number, email, etc.) 2. Guests will feel more comfortable and confident in giving us some contact information if they see that you are filling it out.
  6. Help people find a seat. If you have some space in your row, scoot over, make it easy on them.
  7. Take someone to lunch afterwards. Start thinking about this now. Who can you invite to church that you can also invite to lunch afterwards? It could be someone you sit next to all the time, it could be a family or friends that you are inviting to the service. Think about it and ask God to bring someone to your mind’s eye that you could invite to lunch afterwards. You’d be surprised the difference that would make in someone’s life.
  8. Pray during the Invitation. There is going to be two different opportunities for the invitation on Easter. 1. There will be an opportunity for those people who know Christ to come forward and give him the burdens and weights that they have been carrying. 2. There will be an opportunity for people to come forward and become followers of Jesus Christ for the very first time as well.

This is Easter is going to be amazing!! Be a part of it – get involved, participate and you’ll find that this Easter will be more meaningful in your own life because you did!

On Sunday, March 26th I spoke on the subject ‘Together With Christ’ from Ephesians 1 & 2. In it I discussed at length our church’s plan to reach our community during Easter this year. Listen to it here.

As always, I would really love the opportunity to pray for you and your family and so if there are any prayer concerns that I can pray with you about, just give me a call at the office, my cell at (541) 530-4912 or you can email me at

Your servant,

Pastor Daniel

© 2016 First Christian Church

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