we are all broken

We are all broken.

We are all broken. 

We are all in the middle of a restoration and rebuilding process. In the Old Testament book of Nehemiah we see a story of rebuilding and restoration. Here at First Christian Church we are studying this book during our Sunday morning talks and there are a few thoughts to help us process Nehemiah chapter two. As we ‘take Sunday’s talk home’ consider the following:

*Nehemiah’s mission was to rebuild something that was broken down. Examine your life. Using the wall as a metaphor, what in your life right now is broken down? What needs restoration and rebuilding?

**Everyone one of us is broken. We all need restoration and rebuilding. In what ways can you see God restoring and rebuilding in your life?

***The restoration & rebuilding process happens in steps. Trees don’t grow overnight. Fruit doesn’t ripen overnight. Guess what? We don’t mature overnight, either. It takes time and there is a process. What steps can you take this week to further your process and take steps to mature? Pray? Reach out to a loved one? Forgive someone? Read a Psalm or a Proverb? Attend a Bible Study on Wednesday night or Sunday morning?

****Take time this week and tell God about what needs restoration and rebuilding in your life. Thank Him for the ways you can see God restoring and rebuilding your life. Determine to take steps this week to further your own restoration and rebuilding.

Prayer Focus for the Week:

Dear God,

Thank You for being a God of restoration and rebuilding. Thank You for being the God that begins and finishes the work in me. I trust You to complete the work. This week I am committed to the restoration and rebuilding in my own life. I want You. I need You. Give me the courage and the wisdom to trust in You this week, rather than myself.

In Jesus’ Name, I pray… Amen.

Preparing for next Sunday:

Read Nehemiah chapter 4.

Look at how the work was ridiculed in verses 1 & 2.

What were the reasons Sanballat and Tobiah criticized the work?

According to verse 6, why did the work continue?

In verses 13 – 19, we see the teamwork displayed by God’s people.

How important is teamwork in accomplishing restoration and rebuilding in our church family? In our families? In our communities?

What would be the cost if God’s people failed to work together?

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