Anything worth building, is worth building together.

Anything worth building, is worth building together.

In chapter three of Nehemiah we are given a list of those that assisted with the rebuilding. On the surface chapter three simply looks like a list. Looks can be deceiving. In chapter three we are given much more than a list. We are given a picture of what cooperation and teamwork looks like. It’s a good lesson for us. That’s the story of Nehemiah. That’s what we see in chapter three. It’s not just a list of names. It’s a list of people who come together and rally together for a common cause. It’s about building something together.

Taking Sunday’s talk home:

*Anything worth building is worth building together. The beauty of restoration and rebuilding is that we need each other. Think about the areas that need restoration and rebuilding and how teamwork could impact it.

**Opposition comes when we take a step of faith and decided to rebuild and restore areas of our life. What areas of opposition are most difficult for you to overcome right now? In the past, how have you tried to respond to this opposition? Give examples of when you have used ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ to respond. How would those scenarios played out should you have chosen ‘faith’ to overcome those oppositions?

***Think about your prayer life the last few weeks. How would you describe it? Would you describe it as the steering wheel of your spiritual life or the spare tire?

Prayer Focus for the Week:

Dear God,

I admit that I cannot do this alone. I need You. I need my family of faith to join me in rebuilding and restoring what has been broken down in my life. I recognize that I need others in my life, encouraging me, praying for me and praying with me. Give me guidance as I seek out godly friendships. I recognize that opposition will appear in my life. Help me to respond by leaning on You and not on my own wisdom or my own strength. Bless my week as I seek opportunities as I run to You, my strong tower, rather than running away from my calling or running to my opposition. I seek You. I run to You. In Jesus’ Name, I pray… Amen.

Preparing for next Sunday:

*Pray about your role in our ‘One Great Day for Missions’. Think about how your participation would play a part in all of us being a team.

**Read Nehemiah chapter 4. Look at how Nehemiah responds to the opposition in verse 14. When he asks the people to ‘remember the Lord’, he asks them to remember two attributes of the Lord’s.  How do these attributes comfort us when we are in the middle of the opposition’s attacks? ***You have heard the quote: “God only gives you what you can handle”. Do you agree or disagree with this quote? Why or why not?

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