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What do you do when you're surrounded?

What do you do when you’re surrounded?

In Sunday’s talk we discussed what happened when Nehemiah and his team of people were surrounded by ridicule and mockery?

Taking today’s talk home:

*Building something is rarely an easy thing to do. Think about the areas of your life that need rebuilding. In what ways have you faced difficulty in the past few weeks?

**Prayer brings us closer to God than we could ever imagine. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being far away and 10 being super close to God, how close to God are you? How close to God would you like to be?

***When you begin to pray about something, you will find that you are part of the answer to the prayer. In what ways have you seen God answer prayer through you in the last few weeks?

Prayer Focus for the Week:

Dear God,

There are times when I feel surrounded. The stress and anxiety seem to be all around me. There are times when I feel like I am in the middle of rubble and devastation. I come to you and I recognize that You are great and glorious. I recognize that Your name is above all names. I want You to be evident in my life, in my attitudes, in behaviors. I want to be closer to You than I could ever imagine. I commit this time in prayer. As I pray for my family, my church and my community open my eyes to how I can be used by You to be an influence. It’s my heart’s desire to influence my family, my church and my community for Your kingdom. I look forward to seeing how You answer prayer in my life. In Jesus’ Name I pray… Amen.

Preparing for next Sunday:

*Read Nehemiah chapter 6. Pay close attention to the invitation by Sanballat, Tobiah & Geshem to Nehemiah. Why did they want to meet with Nehemiah?

**The temptation to quit or to give up comes in many different forms. In what ways does the temptation to quit or give up come in your life?

***What lessons can we learn that in the midst of progress, the opposition did not stop?

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