The enemy will use these three tactics...

As a believer, we have an enemy. And the enemy of our soul will use the same three tactics to derail you as he tried with Nehemiah.

In Sunday’s talk we looked closer at Nehemiah chapter and in doing so we learned about how Nehemiah reacted to these attempts to derail his work.

Taking today’s talk home:

*The enemy often uses ‘distraction’. Think about last week. What is distracting you from what’s really important? What is distracting you from the important work in your life?

**The enemy of our soul can also use ‘accusation’. What accusations do hear from the enemy? While the accusations are untrue, why does it have the power of truth over our life? What is your favorite verse to overcome the power of untruths in your life?

***The enemy uses ‘deception’ in our lives. When we don’t spend quality time with God on a consistent basis it can be difficult it can be difficult to recognize when we are being deceived. What commitment can you make this week in order to spend quality time with God?

Prayer Focus for the Week:

Dear God,

This week I need You. I am going to have moments of distraction. I will moments when I hear the voice of the accuser. I will, no doubt, need to exercise discernment as I face deception. Knowing that all that lies in front of me, I take a moment right now and rest in You. I rest in the knowledge that I am your child. I rest in the knowledge that you walk with me. I choose to rest in Your presence. I am grateful that will not face any of these oppositions by myself, because You are with me. Thank you for loving me.

In Jesus’ Name…Amen.

Preparing for next Sunday:

*Read Nehemiah chapter 8. Think about the beginning of the book of Nehemiah. Contrast the feelings of mourning, lamentation & sadness found in the first two chapters with what is found in chapter 8.

**What is the danger of being in sadness and tears for an extended period of time?

***When was the last time you felt true and genuine joy? What was happening that enabled you to experience joy?

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