Life is full of tears, isn’t it?

In Sunday’s talk we looked at the Nehemiah’s journey from tears to joy.

Taking today’s talk home:

*What was the last thing to happen in your life that moved you to tears? Tell God about it. Tell Him what happened and tell Him how you felt and tell Him exactly what moved you to tears. He wants to know, so take a moment and tell Him.

**Open your Bible or tap on your Bible App and read Zephaniah 3:17. How is God described in this verse? Who is the object of His love in this verse? Describe his actions towards you, according to this verse.

***According to Romans 5:1-2, where do we stand?

****According to John 15:11, God’s words are spoken so His joy will be in us and then our joy will be full. How will you ensure that this week you will have more of God’s words in you?

Prayer Focus for the Week:

Dear Jesus,

I am a sinner. I am broken on the inside.

And yet You died for me, while I was a sinner. Thank You for dying for me, even when I was unworthy. Thank You for being a sacrifice for my sin. Thank You for being the Lamb of God. As I go through this week and I come upon moments that drown me in feelings of sadness, guilt and shame – remind me of Your grace. Remind me of Your delight in me. Remind me of Your joy and strengthen me. I want to live for you strongly. Thank You in advance for the strength You have promised for me. In Jesus’ Name…Amen.

Preparing for next Sunday:

As we conclude our series ‘It’s Time to Build’ next week, we will look at Nehemiah and discover ways that he reminds of our Savior, Jesus Christ. As you think about our series of talks through the book of Nehemiah, what characteristics does Nehemiah possess that remind you of Jesus Christ?

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