Three 'Ships' to Consider

In Sunday’s talk we concluded our series through the book of Nehemiah. We identified three ‘ships’ that Nehemiah addressed upon his return to Jerusalem. These are three ‘ships’ we should pause and re-think in our own lives.

Nehemiah addressed godly leadership, consistent stewardship and solid relationships.

Taking today’s talk home:

*Everyone one of us is a leader in some capacity. Who are in the people in your life that are looking to you as an example? In what ways could you be a strong leader?

**Generous and consistent stewardships is difficult but very rewarding. How can you increase your consistency in your stewardship? In what ways have you seen God reward your generosity?

***Relationships are built on trust. The deeper the trust, the more depth you will experience in your relationships. How can you build trust in your relationships this week?

Prayer Focus for the Week:

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for using me to influence the next generation. Strengthen my leadership influence in my home. Give me the courage to make godly decisions with respect to values and priorities in a way that honors You. Lord, I want to be consistent in my stewardship. Use my resources to preserve this ministry for the next generation. Father, help me build solid biblical relationships within my family, my church family and my community. Let my relationships reflect Your love and Your grace in my life.  In Jesus’ Name…Amen.

Preparing for next Sunday:

Next Sunday we will host our Easter Planning Service. We will unveil our plan for Easter Sunday and all the many ways we will reach out to our community. You will hear different ways you can participate as well as ways you can pray for Easter Sunday. It’s going to be a very exciting time for our church family and we want to make sure everyone has the chance to participate. To prepare your hearts for next Sunday take time to read Titus 3:3-8.

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