Will you hold on to it or let it go?

Taking Today’s Talk Home:

 *Read Proverbs 4:23.

**Think about this verse and the areas of your heart that need protection. Read and seek to memorize it throughout the week.

***Pray that God would guard your heart against bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness. Forgiveness can be defined as letting go of a hurt, while unforgiveness could be defined as holding on to the hurt to the detriment to no one but yourself. Will you hold on to it or let it go? Ask God to reveal to you any unforgiveness and ask for the Holy Spirit’s help to conquer it and let it go.

Prayer Focus for the Week:

Dear God,

Thank You for Your forgiveness.

Thank You for dying on the cross for me. Thank You for Your forgiveness which purifies and cleanses me from unrighteousness. I am overwhelmed by Your grace and Your love and am so thankful for Your forgiveness. Thank You, Heavenly Father, for the relationships you have placed in my life. Thank You for my family, my church family and the friends that are in my life. Gracious God, I pray that you will protect my heart from unforgiveness, resentment & bitterness. Let these divisive attitudes of my heart not take root. Reveal to me those in my life that I need to forgive and give me Your strength and Your grace to extend forgiveness to one another as You have granted forgiveness to me. I need You and I trust You.

In Jesus’ Name…Amen.

Preparing for NEXT Sunday:

In this collection of talks we have discussed the value of doing life together through: LOVING one another, CARING for one another, SERVING one another & FORGIVING one another.

*Take time this week to read Acts chapter 1 & 2.

**As you read these Scriptures consider this question:

How did the first church do life together?

On Sunday, May 27th we will finish this collection of talks at 10:40am. I’m looking forward to seeing you Sunday.

Until then…


Pastor Daniel

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