What's Missing?

On Sunday, we began a brand new collection of talks through the Old Testament Book of Esther: An Unlikely Queen & An Unseen King. Follow the collection of talks by going to www.roseburgfcc.org/sermons.

Taking Sunday’s Talk Home:

*Read Esther 1.

**Think about what was missing as we study chapter one. Evaluate your priorities for today and for this week. Where is God on the list of your priorities? Think about what happens to our priorities and our values when our sole focus is ourselves.

***Pray that your life would always include Jesus our King. Give God priority in your life with your prayer life this week? Start each day with prayer: ask God for wisdom, guidance and direction for each of your days. End each day with prayer: thank Him for every blessing and every opportunity to give Him priority in your life.

Prayer Focus for the Week:

Dear God,

Father God, I pray for our church family. I pray that we would know that You are good, that You are sovereign, that though we don’t always see it, You are always, according to Your invisible hand of providence, at work in our lives. God, at this point in our study of Esther, there is no hope, there is no joy. So, it is in our life until we meet the Lord Jesus, the greater King, the greatest King, the only King, the King of kings. Lord Jesus, we see You now, high and exalted. You alone are worthy of glory.

We see You seated upon the throne, we sit down at the table that You have prepared for us, and we honor, and celebrate, and glorify You forever. Don’t let us settle for lesser kings and kingdoms. Keep us hungry and strong until we see the Lord.

In Jesus’ Name…Amen.

Preparing for NEXT Sunday:

To prepare for next Sunday, read Esther chapters 1 & 2. As we continue our study through the Book of Esther we are introduced to two vital characters in chapter 2, Esther and Mordecai.

Who are these two individuals according to chapter 2?

What relation is Mordecai to Esther?

God uses Esther to save His people. This week we learned that Jesus is a better King. Next week, we’ll see that Jesus is a better Savior.

This is a beautiful book of the Bible and this study will prove beneficial as you dive in and commit yourselves to this study. Be there for every talk, follow along in the Bible app, use the prayer focus and join us through this incredible study.

Until next time…



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