Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

As we continue to week 2 of our study through Esther, we see how decisions begin to define the destiny of those characters we have been introduced to so for in historical account of the Old Testament.

Taking Sunday’s Talk Home:

 *Read Esther 1 &2.

**Think about King Xerxes behavior after his bad decisions made him lose his wife. He sought to replace his loss with someone or something rather than with God. He tried to fill his sadness, depression and emptiness with a bad relationship, instead of God’s presence. What’s the danger of tasking others with a responsibility that only God can take care of?

***Pray that your life wouldn’t be marked by chasing glory, but by pursuing God. Pray that this week you will not ask others to fulfill a place in your life that only God could fill. Pray that you will consistently trust God with your conversations, behaviors, moments & your days.

Prayer Focus for the Week:

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for choosing to use Esther. Although she was not perfect, you used her. And in using her for your greater purpose I recognize that You can use me, too, as I yield and submit my life to You. So, Lord, I give my life to You. The best I know how, I yield my thoughts, my conversations, my actions, my time and my relationships to You. Use me for your greater purpose. Use me to bring more people to the saving knowledge of Your love, Your mercy and Your grace. Use me, Lord.

In Jesus Name…Amen.

Preparing for NEXT Sunday:

To prepare for next Sunday, read Esther chapters 2 & 3.

After reading take some time and describe our main characters that we have been introduced so far.

How would you describe King Xerxes, Mordecai, Esther & Haman?

As you read this two chapters, pay special attention to the sin, mistakes and tragedies we read about. This week, we’ll discover that although it’s difficult to understand – sins, mistakes & tragedies can lead us to God’s grace.

Until next time…



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