Sins, Mistakes & Tragedies...

As we continue our study through the Book of Esther we come across sins, mistakes and tragedies. How do we make sense of them? How do we make sense of them, especially when it seems as though God is absent?

Taking Today’s Talk Home:

*Read Esther chapters 1-3.

**Think about the sins, mistakes and tragedies you have read about in these chapters. Think about the sins and mistakes and tragedies in your own life. Think about how they affect how you parent, how you handle your relationships with your friends, your family and your church family & how you handle your relationship with God.

***Pray that your trust and faith in a Sovereign God would increase this week. Pray that as you read His Word your trust in His plan would deepen. Pray that our faith will eliminate our fears and our doubts about His love for us and His plan for our lives.

Prayer Focus for the Week:

Dear Heavenly Father,

There are times when I am prone to be like Xerxes: lazy, greedy, self-indulgent. There are also times when I’m prone to be like Haman: consumed by what other people think about me, wanting lots of glory and praise, very angry when I don’t get it. Lord, sometimes still, I am prone to be like Esther and Mordecai: a private faith, it’s not a public faith, and so it’s a hypocritical faith. Lord Jesus, today, I thank you that you are a King above all kings who sits on a throne above all thrones. Lord Jesus, I’m astounded at how good you are, and I pray for me and my church family – that we would not settle for lesser, temporary kingdoms and kings. And that we would keep the Scriptures open, and our hearts open, and our minds open, so that we would know, and love, and serve you as our great King.

In Jesus Name…Amen.

Preparing for NEXT Sunday:

To prepare for next Sunday, read Esther chapters 4 & 5.

In these chapters we’ll see both ‘consistency’ and ‘progress.’ Evaluate what you have read and what is known about King Xerxes and Haman the Agagite. How have their behaviors been consistent? Evaluate what you have read and what is known about Queen Esther and Mordecai. How have their behaviors shown progress with their faith?

Until next time…



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