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Where do I start?

In our current collection of talks on Sunday mornings, What Do I Do?, we have discovered the priority of God’s Word in our lives. We have recognized it as the very voice of God that has been preserved for generations for us today. I’m often in discussion with followers of Jesus Christ who would like some guidance on where they should start reading the Bible. Well, whether you have been a follower of Jesus for just a short time or for a number of years, here’s some good places to start when you begin reading the Bible daily…

  1. The Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke & John (New Testament). The first four books of the New Testament are known as ‘the Gospels’ (which means ‘Good News’). This is a great way to get started in reading the Bible. It will give you a first-person account of Jesus’ time on the earth by some of the men that were the closest to him. Each one will detail many of the same accounts but from a different perspective. When reading through the Gospels, pay special attention to what Jesus did and what He said. These two observations will give you great insight to who Jesus is.
  1. The Psalms (Old Testament). This is one of most beautiful and encouraging books of the Bible for us to read daily. It offers words of healing and hope – no matter what type of circumstances you might be experiencing. Much of the book is written by King David and they are written in the forms of poetry and song. Oftentimes, these Psalms can serve as your prayers as you read through them. When reading through the Psalms, look for comfort and read these songs prayerfully as your own prayers.
  1. Genesis and Exodus (Old Testament). What better way to start reading the Bible than to start at the beginning? The opening verses of Genesis are staggering in their weight and in their significance. Reading these two books of the Old Testament will give you the origin of life, the establishment of God’s people and it will chronicle the life of Moses – significant to the unveiling of the law. As you read through these two books of the Old Testament be prepared to read through some incredible history, awesome acts of power by a righteous God and pay special attention to God’s relentless pursuit to restore personal relationship with people.
  1. The Proverbs (Old Testament). This book is written by King David’s son, King Solomon and it is the words of wisdom from a father to his son. When reading through this book you’ll notice wisdom-filled axioms in short phrases and sentences. It’s truly a testament to the power of Scripture that this book that was written generations ago can still give us practical knowledge and instruction that we can apply in our day-to-day lives. It’s an ‘easy’ read in that the brief verses and sentences still give us plenty of wisdom to chew on.

I’m excited for us, as a church family, to grow deeper in His Word and to gain a fuller understanding of how God would like for us to live our lives based on the eternal truths found in Scripture.

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