Let's Choose Joy...

Let’s Choose Joy…

The original word in the New Testament Greek for joy is xαρά pronounced ‘chara’. The short definition is ‘joy’ or ‘gladness’.

Now the etymology of the word is very significant here. The Greek word for joy is χαρά (chara) is derived from the word χάρις (charis), which is the Greek word for ‘grace’.

So chara is produced by charis. In other words, joy is produced by grace.

Let’s let that sink in our minds for moment. Joy is produced by grace.

This means ‘joy’ is not a human-based happiness that comes and goes but, rather, true ‘joy’ is divine in its origin because grace is divine in its origin. Considering joy as divine perhaps that is why it’s so elusive today. Joy is divine in its nature. It is a Spirit-given expression that exhibits itself when we exercise wise decision-making and flourishes best in difficult times.

And this joy is produced by grace. Grace produces joy.

If this is true we need to examine grace and it will give us greater perspective. According to American Dictionary of the English Language by Noah Webster in 1828 grace is defined as:

“the free unmerited love and favor of God, the spring and source of all benefits men receive from him”

A beautiful display of someone rooted in joy is found in Psalms 103, written by King David. We can’t say for sure when Psalms 103 was written, but it is safe to say that it was written during a time when King David had a chance to reflect on his life. King David in his reflection becomes of aware of God’s grace and therefore can be joyful…

Not because of the outcome of decisions but because of who God is.

Not because of what we have done but because of who God is.

And when we live our life in God’s will, that means we have eliminated unbiblical options, we have asked God for wisdom, we are being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and we have the voice of godly counselors speaking into our lives…

If all that is happening, we are accurately aware of His grace and His grace produces joy. Living God’s Will means are our lives will be marked by choosing joy.

This is a choice that we make. It’s also the mark of a life living in God’s Will. It doesn’t mean that we are always happy, but it does mean that despite circumstances we rest in His grace. We are joyful because of His grace.

Now, there is an enemy to your joy.

It is very real, and it is a threat to your joy. The source of joy is grace. Grace produces joy. And the enemy of joy is taking God’s grace for granted. It’s taking His unmerited love & favor for granted. There is no mystery as to why so many of King David’s psalms urge the reader to remember God’s mercies. To remember God’s mercies is a deliberate action. That action is the heartbeat of joy.

King David gives us a simple two-step process to develop joy:

REMEMBER His grace in your life.

Be THANKFUL for his grace.

You can draw a straight line directly from GRATITUDE to joy.

This week take the ‘Psalms 103 60-second Challenge’:

*read Psalms 103 everyday.

*spend 60 seconds in gratitude and thanksgiving to God and spend your day rooted in joy because of His grace.

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