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Developing a Heart of Gratitude

As a church family we are studying through the life of Joseph, which is found in Genesis chapters 37 -50. When we are introduced to Joseph, he is a seventeen year old young man and he is the son of Jacob. Joseph had eleven brothers and these chapters chronicle his life. His story begins with a dream and through a series of difficult and trying seasons, a dream is finally realized more than fourteen years later.

The following is designed to give you daily prompts to help you read Scripture, think and pray as we focus our minds on the life of Joseph and as we focus our hearts on developing a heart of gratitude.

Monday, November 12th | Read Genesis 37 & 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

  • What circumstances are the hardest for you to be thankful in?

Tuesday, November 13th | Read Genesis 38 & Jeremiah 33:11

  • Use seven words to describe the enthusiasm found at a wedding. Pray and praise God with the energy and vocabulary of those words.

Wednesday, November 14th | Read Psalms 95

  • Make a list of every description and title given to God in this chapter.
  • Highlight or underline every way that thanksgiving is offered to God in this chapter.

Thursday, November 15th | Read Genesis 42 & Psalms 50:23

  • What are the significant events in Joseph’s life between his dream in Genesis 37 and the fulfillment of the dream in Genesis 42?
  • Describe the impact that thankfulness has during a stretch of difficult life events.
  • Pray and give thanks in a way that honors God and pray for the resolution to keep to His path.

Friday, November 16th | Read Philippians 2

  • What’s the most recent instance where you complained?
  • In that moment, what could you have been thankful for?
  • Pray and ask God for a heavenly perspective that revitalizes our spirit of gratitude.

Saturday, November 17th | Genesis 50:20 & Psalms 26

  • Joseph was able to see God’s hand through every season of his life.
  • Pray and tell God about the wonders you have seen him perform in your life and in your families’ life.

A spirit of thankfulness and a heart of gratitude doesn’t happen by accident. It is cultivated over a period of time. Determine now that you will daily exercise your mind to be grateful.

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Pastor Daniel

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