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Faith isn't strengthened through ease

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Daily prompts to help you read Scripture, think and pray this week. 

This week’s theme: faith.

As a church family we concluded our collection of talks on the life of Joseph from the book of Genesis. Together we have learned that living the dream, biblically speaking, is about three perspectives:

  1. Looking upward with TRUST.
  2. Looking outward with MERCY.
  3. Looking forward with FAITH.

Most recently we discussed that our faith is not strengthened through the ease of life, it is often strengthened through the most difficult chapters of our life. To that end, this week’s focus rests on faith:

Monday, November 26th | Read 1st John 5

According to verse 13, who and why was 1st John written?

According to verse 5, who overcomes the world?

Tuesday, November 27th | Read Hebrews 11

Look at the ‘faith stories’ found in this chapter. Which of those ‘faith stories’ involved easy situations, and which involved impossible situations?

What does this tell you about how and when faith is exercised?

Wednesday, November 28th  | Read 2nd Timothy 4

In verse 7, the Apostle Paul makes three declarative statements. Take the three statements and with your family talk about what each of them mean.

Thursday, November 29th | Read James 1

How do trials strengthen our faith?

If we are in the middle of a trial and we lack wisdom, what should we do?

How does God promise to respond?

Friday, November 30th | Read Psalms 56

As you read this psalm aloud together with your family, make it your prayer both as you begin your day and as you end your day.

Saturday, December 1st | Read Isaiah 40

Underline every description of God and every promise recorded in this chapter.

Describer how your faith is strengthened when reading the last four verses.

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Pastor Daniel

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