I’m so excited about the new year!

I love having a fresh calendar in front of me, full of possibilities. I love thinking about the possibilities that can be represented with a new year. A new year represents new opportunities, new chance and new beginnings.

As we think about the new year, new possibilities, new opportunities, chances, new beginnings I’d like to present one thought about the new year:

Hear God’s voice in 2019.

Now I know what you’re thinking: How am I going to hear His voice? Will it be audible? Do I have to sit super silent in order to hear it? What does it sound like?

That’s not what I’m referring to.

As follower of Jesus Christ, we refer to the Bible as the Word of God. As the ‘Word of God’, the Bible contains God’s voice. It has been preserved for generations and generations so that you could have a copy in your hand (or on your tablet or phone – you know what I mean). And since the Bible contains God’s voice, when we read it – we hear from God.

So, for 2019 – let’s hear God’s voice. Let’s commit to read it daily. Let’s find truth, meaning and significance in our every day lives. Let’s understand the principles spoken about by Jesus and embrace them as part of our every day life and make them the factors in our every day decision-making process.

Let’s hear His voice. Let’s read the Word of God. Let’s do this!

I’d encourage you to make a commitment to spend time daily in the Bible. Here’s some goals you should consider for yourself and your family:

  • Read your Bible for 15 minutes a day.
  • Read through the Bible in One Year. You can purchase a One Year Bible or sign up for the reading plan under the same title in the Bible App.
  • Read a Proverb and a Psalm every day
  • Read a chapter in the Gospels every day

Set a goal. Any goal. Start somewhere. It doesn’t matter how small or ambitious. The point is to just start.

Allow the voice of God to find a resting spot in your hearts and minds by reading and hearing his voice daily.

Can you imagine what 2019 would be like for you if you heard from God every single day? Can you imagine how much more closer you would be to God? Could you imagine how much more sensitive you would be to the Holy Spirit? Could you imagine how more meaningful your friendships would be? Could you imagine how much better of an employee you would be? Could you imagine how much better of a parent you would be?

Could you imagine your life with God speaking into it every single day?

I recently purchased a brand-new Bible and the commitment I’ve made is to read through the entire Bible in one year. I’ve signed up for the ‘One Year Bible Reading Plan’ and will follow the plan every day of 2019. It will guide me through some chapters of the Old Testament, some chapters of the New Testament, plus some verses through Psalms and Proverbs, ever day.

Join me! Read the Bible daily in 2019. Let’s go deeper in His Word and deeper in relationship with one another.

Until next time…



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