Answering an Accusation

“God will not deliver him.”

King David has just lost his kingdom. He didn’t lose it to anyone. He lost it to his own son, Absalom, who has stolen the kingdom right from underneath him. What’ worse is that now his son is seeking to kill him. So David fled. He left. This is the dire and weighty circumstances that lead us to Psalms 3 being penned.

In the opening verse of Psalms 3 we can sense a glimmer of the emotional and spiritual state David is in. If we were to surmise it in one word? Desperate. And in this desperation, David voices the accusation being levied against him and (by extension) against God. According to King David, those around him are saying that “God will not deliver him.” This is the accusation.

They are concluding that because of the dire and desperate circumstances, God will not deliver him. They are surmising that because of this betrayal and shocking upheaval in the kingdom, God will not deliver him. They are assuming that because of the brokeness being poured out on this family and the level of hurt that has been experienced, God will not deliver him.

David’s honesty is refreshing, isn’t it?

Most of us don’t have reign over a country or kingdom (wait, do you? if so, I’d love to talk you!). I’m sure most of us would have hard time relating to David who has simultaneously lost a kingdom and perhaps a son. Most of us, however, can identify with David’s request for justice. We’ve all been there. We have felt alone. Betrayed. Isolated. Defenseless. And in that moment, be it out of a heart of righteous anger or pure revenge, the sentiment is understandable. We want to respond to the accusation. We need to respond to the accusation. So, how would we respond?

Read Psalms 3 and you’ll find a beautiful response to this accusation. David chooses to remind himself who God is. In this chapter King David identifies God as:

  • his Shield (v3)
  • his Glory (v3)
  • the One who lifts my head high (v3)
  • his Answer (v4)
  • his Support (v5)
  • his Warrior (v6)
  • his Deliverer (v7)

In light of who God is, David sees that the accusation doesn’t hold much weight anymore.

‘God will not deliver me?’ 

Sure. Um…do you know who God is? He is my shield, so I know He’s going to protect me. He is my glory, the one I worship in all times – regardless of circumstance or accusation. He is the one who lifts my head high, so even when I don’t feel like being confident in myself – I’m confident in Him! He’s my answer in every moment that I question my circumstances. He’s my support, so even if I don’t feel strong – I know I can rely on Him. He’s my warrior, so that means I don’t even have to fight my battles on my own. Oh and also…he’s my deliverer – so OF COURSE he’s going to deliver me.

Circumstances change. Accusations vary.

By contrast, God is unchanging. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. Remind yourself of who God IS and let that be the response to the accusation.

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