Christmas Gift for God

A Christmas Gift FOR God

One of the names for Jesus is Emmanuel, which means, God with us. The very story of Christmas is encapsulated in this name for our Savior, Emmanuel.

God. With. Us.

God left the glories of heaven to be born of a virgin to be with us. He lived a sinless, perfect life and at the appointed time he died on a cross. He died a brutal death while enduring the scourging and mocking of those around him. With his life and his death, he paid a price we could never pay so that we could receive a gift that we could never earn on our own. That’s Christmas in a nutshell. That’s God’s gift for you.

It’s been said that God’s gift to us is eternal life and what we do with this life is our gift to God. As we begin a full month long season of celebrating Christmas and God’s gift to us, let me ask you to consider something else…what’s your gift to God?

As you spend time shopping for loved ones and finding that perfect gift to express to your friends and families how much you love them – put some thought into what would your gift to God be? What could you give to God to express how much you love and appreciate what He’s done for you? What could be a token of appreciation for the love you have for your Savior?

What would be your gift to God?

Although a simple and thought-provoking question, the answer can take multiple shapes and sizes in terms of answering the question:

  • Could you gift God the first 15 minutes of your day to be spent in worship, in prayer and in His Word?
  • Could you gift God your children, committing to praying with them every night before they go to bed?
  • Could you gift God your talents, committing to serve others utilizing the talents and gifts God has given you?
  • Could you gift God your resources, choosing to give financially so that the ministry of this church would continue to impact families in our community?
  • Could you gift God your marriage, committing to praying with and for your spouse every day?
  • Could you gift God your Sundays, determining to set aside a day with you and your family to worship Him and to be around others who love God?
  • Could you gift God your heart, choosing to let your Holy Spirit guide you and your conversations every day?
  • Could you gift God your mind, choosing to spend time memorizing Scripture to handle in every temptation that would attack you and your family?

Christmas is coming. What are you gifting God?

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