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Prayer Journal 2020

Prayer Journal 2020: it’s time to start.

Today, that is. It’s time to start your prayer journal today. Don’t put it off. There’s no reason to delay. Start today. It’s not about a New Year’s Resolution. It’s about a deepening a relationship with God the Father.

Think about the closest relationships you have right now. Maybe you are thinking of your spouse, your children, your best friend. What are the factors that led to these relationships being among the closest you have? Invariably speaking, over a period of time you developed a deep, significant, meaningful relationship. There’s a reason why we don’t start conversations with strangers – we don’t know them.

Part of the journey that begins with your prayer journal is deepening your knowledge of who God is and strengthening the relationship you have with Him. Before we start with the nuts and bolts of beginning your prayer journal, let me strongly recommend purchase a journal specifically to be used as your Prayer Journal. Although convenient, using your smartphone or tablet can be distracting with the other apps vying for attention. I have found that a physical journal that is specifically to be used only for my prayer journal focuses my mind and attention.

Here’s seven steps that will help you begin your prayer journal…

o First: Write down the people and the relationships you’d like to pray for. This will help you organize your prayer life. It will help your memory as you remember who to pray for. Keep track of when God answers specific prayers à this will help increase your joy as you focus on God listening and hearing your prayers. You’ll begin to see God’s hand move in your life and the lives of those close to you à this will help increase your trust, confidence and faith in God.

o Second: Write down a prayer in your prayer journal inviting God into each of these relationships.

o Third: Set up a time each day where you will meet God for prayer and write down this ‘appointment’ in your prayer journal.

o Fourth: In your prayer journal, write down the area(s) of your life you would like to trust God more and where you would like your confidence in God to increase.

o Fifth: The more likely you are to know God intimately, the more like you are to pray consistently. What are two ways you can commit to getting to know God more intimately? Write these two commitments in your journal.

o Sixth: What significant life events are on the horizon in your life and in the life of your family? Write down these life events in your prayer journal and pray for God’s perfect will to be done as you put your complete trust and confidence in Him.

o Seventh: Think about eternal life being about a relationship with Jesus. When did you begin your relationship with Jesus? (if you haven’t but would like to, today is the day! Email and we’ll gladly reach out to you and show you from God’s Word how to begin a relationship with Him). How would you describe your relationship with God? What areas of your relationship would you like strengthened? Write a prayer of thanksgiving for eternal life and a prayer asking God to strengthen your relationship with Him.

This is the year we deepen our relationship with God.
Let’s do it.

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Until next time…

Pastor Daniel

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